The Process of Designing a Marketing Strategy
internet marketing strategy business model
LiKing Marketing Creates a Marketing Strategy for You! 
DESIGN  - We work hard to understand your team, your company, your product & services

MODEL - We create a strategy using the latest tools to reach your target audience 
within your budget

EXECUTE - We set up facebook pages, twitter accounts, launch effective websites or 
whatever other tool we recommend

MONITOR - We collect analytics to see how the strategy is working

OPTIMIZE - LiKing Marketing provides analytics which illustrate the efficacy of your 
marketing and where we need to reswizzle your plan (is reswizzle an word?). 
  • We gather important statistics on usage such as visits on your website, 
        facebook page, who opens your newsletter, etc., etc.  
  • We compare the statistics to your targets.  
  • We revise the strategy to help us reach your goals.  
  • And, it's a circle, where we make changes, track stats, make changes, track stats.  
  • It's fun!

Solutions as unique as your company!

Your marketing is a living breathing part of your business. 
Nurture it and pay attention to it. 
LiKing Marketing can help!
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